Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC)

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Colourblind Graphic Design was contacted in early 2009 with a RFP to produce materials to promote various aspects of these public events. The TRC already had a logo and branding guidelines to follow, however the desire was to give the events their own cohesive aesthetic, separate from the branding of the organization itself. With primary colour palettes and font selections already in place, it was a matter of layout and element use. As the purpose of the events became apparent, it was decided that the materials needed to be sensitive to the nature of the subject matter, and project a positive experience to the participants of these events. The TRC uses an archival photograph of a First Nations mother and child with the tag line “For the child taken, for the parent left behind.” It was decided that for the National Events, this image would be updated with a contemporary image of a mother and child. The tagline was forgone for the events and replaced with a theme of “It’s About…” where as each event would follow one of the seven sacred tenants. The first event was “About Respect” the second “About Courage”, the third “About Love”, and so on.

Each event required the following materials to be developed; Promotional poster & post card, print advertising templates (formatted per publication), Event program booklet (including schedules, custom designed site maps, information on panels and speakers and additional articles and notices related to the TRC National Events), site signage templates, laminate access passes, t-shirt designs (volunteers, staff and participants), as well as other communication materials (leaflets, bulletins, insert cards, etc.).