Aboriginal Music Week

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Aboriginal Music Manitoba approached CBGD in 2009 with the idea of starting a new music festival that would run parallel to the Manito-ah-bi Aboriginal Music Awards. The festival would showcase aboriginal talent from around the world. AMM needed a strong unique logo to represent the festival, as well as consistant branding throughout all the festival materials.

The logo, a combination of two extremely familiar symbols – a music note and the eagle – have been used to create this logo. The universal recognition of a music note breaks through language and literacy barriers. Combining that with the strong traditional symbology of the eagle – a symbol of strength, love and power – the logo is intended to draw an instant relationship to the power of music. Promotional materials in the first year of the festival (2009) focussed on the form of the logo, introducing it to the audience. Subsequent years saw the logo shift colour palettes, and typographic treatment of the year was changed up, while the basic form of the logo was kept consistent to reenforce it to the viewer.

2012 marked the fourth successful year of growth for AMW and Colourblind Graphic Design is proud to have been a part of it’s success. 2013 will see Aboriginal Music Week moving on to work with Digital Navajo, an Aboriginal owned and run design firm based in Arizona. CBGD wishes luck to such a great (former) client.

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Materials produced (2009 – 2012): logo development, festival promotional posters, festival programs, promotional CD packaging, individual concert posters (per event), website UI design (developed in collaboration with Visual Lizard), on-site banners and signage, event tickets, laminate access passes, print & web banner advertising, outdoor media