Manitoba Arts Council

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Manitoba Arts Council contacted CBGD in 2011 to develop a new logo and branding direction to coincide with the release of their 2010/2011 annual report and corporate strategy. It was felt that the organization needed a fresh new look that better represented the broad range of artistic disciplines and programs supported by MAC. The new logo is meant to be an abstract representation of the acronym MAC (CAM en francais) – at the same time it eludes to the complex interwoven relationships, multiple layers and overlapping disciplines that embody Manitoba’s rich artistic community province wide. Much like a work of art, the logo is intended to be dissected and interpreted by the viewer. The final treatments of the logo include a colour block version and a wire frame black and white version in both horizontal and vertical bilingual configurations.

The introduction of the new logo coincided with the release of a new format of annual report for 2010-2011. MAC desired to move away from the traditional single format annual report publication in favour of a modular approach. By separating sections into individual components, modules could then be added or removed from the folder depending on the intended audience.

The form of the logo itself proved modular and versatile too, as the core form of the logo, the “seed” was adaptable to different uses. As border edges, image frames, bullet points and other graphic uses to convey information.